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"A brilliant attorney and a Master Negotiator."
Victor Urbach, Principal of The Optran Group; Creator of The Urbach Letter

"I want to thank you for your help as Mediator in getting each side to hear one another and ultimately bringing my case to a resolve. Without your help, we wouldn’t have settled. I very much respect your work ethic and you as a person." 
Mark Cordovi, President
International Coffee Systems
(business dispute already in court litigation; came to mediation while litigation was going on)

"My heartfelt testimonial regarding David Abeshouse:
Only rarely do I meet a truly special person who personifies the qualities of loyalty, brilliance, and generosity of spirit.  Dave Abeshouse is just such a person.  I have known him to be the voice of reason among dreamers, and the calming influence in heated battle.  I have witnessed his sacrifice of time for others, and I have been the fortunate recipient of his wisdom and counsel.  I have served with him on a Board of Directors, where I rely on his leadership, balance and sense of fairness.  His communication skills are articulate and his presentations are scholarly.  The total package that David brings to the table is indeed rare, and I would feel completely confident in having Mr. Abeshouse represent my interests in any venue, and against any adversaries."
Janine Regosin, President
The Health and Business Alliance, Inc.
The Holliswood Hospital

"A true professional and one of the most knowledgeable people I know.  David reviewed several contracts on my behalf.  His proactive comments and ideas provided me with an all-inclusive perspective of the transaction I was about to undertake, with the pros and cons explicitly spelled out.  His integrity, work ethic, and resourcefulness make David truly an asset to anyone utilizing his services."
John Pellitteri, CPA, Partner 
Grassi & Co., CPAs, P.C.

"I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the excellent level of service and expertise that you have been providing to our business over the years. Your dedication to see your clients succeed, combined with your level of responsiveness, is a rare combination to find these days."
Brandon S. Bloom, Co-Owner 
Sir Speedy Printing - Westbury

"David, It has been such a positive experience working with you. I have worked with numerous attorneys in the past in multiple states. My experience with other attorneys have not always been positive. Unlike many other attorneys, you are very available, easy to communicate with and are very fair in your billing practices.
As you recall, I asked you to help me with a very difficult case involving another attorney. Many attorneys in my experience are hesitant about representing clients who have a dispute with another attorney. You were different. Your ethical standards and professionalism superseded any unwritten fraternal relationship between attorneys and you represented me very well. 
I appreciate all you did for me. If any client or potential client has any questions about your ability or professionalism ask them to get in touch with me. Thanks for everything."   
W. B., MD

"Because of your involvement and patience as Mediator, a very testy and precarious family business litigation was resolved in a manner that saved many much embarrassment and expense. I represented one of the litigants. Your intervention was critical in resolving a bitter family dispute."
Ron Goldstein, Esq.; L.I., NY

"David Abeshouse recently turned a roomful of skeptical attorneys into possible users of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).  David's knowledge of the subject matter allowed us to determine who to best utilize alternative dispute resolution most effectively to our clients' benefit.  David conducted the presentation with flexibility, and welcomed the frequent discussion from the audience.  The attendees stayed one hour longer than the meeting was scheduled and David graciously answered all of our questions."
Gail M. Blasie, Attorney at Law
Chair of the Suffolk Bar Assn. Corporations and Commercial Law Committee, 2009

"David: Please let me express my appreciation for your hard work and patience in mediating a difficult matter.  I know I may have been difficult at times but some of the issues, as you well understood, hit my hot button.  Thank you for your understanding.  A job well done!!!"
The selling corporate shareholder in a buy-out mediation; NY, NY.


"David: Thanks for being so effective, kind, and a true mentsch." 
Nina P.
The buying corporate shareholder in a buy-out mediation; NY, NY.

"As my attorney in an employment-related matter, David was a consummate counselor, providing me expert advice and guidance in every discussion and through each document he reviewed. His deep and detailed knowledge culled through years of experience in law-- particularly in understanding how agreements made in writing have been mediated-- was invaluable to me at a trying time. On top of this, David was always upfront with me on when he can deliver and then always provide his feedback in timely manner. In sum, David is an expert in law, delivers timely for you and works with the highest level of integrity."

Dominick Bencivenga, President
Business Resource Center, Inc. d/b/a Freelance Financial, Long Island, NY

"David Abeshouse is one of my heroes! Lawyers must be two things chess strategists and gladiators if the chess game fails, they must be able to "take the gloves off" and fight for you. As an indebted client of David’s I have experienced his ability to anticipate the first 20 moves of the challenger and find a way to block each one! David Abeshouse: legal chess strategist/gladiator, professional extraordinaire!"
Sara K. Pisani, Principal
Sara K. Pisani, CPA, LLC

"Writing a testimonial for David Abeshouse is a pleasure yet a challenge.  David brings to the table a special set of professional and personal skills that is difficult to summarize through words alone.  One must make a point to meet David.  I have known David for several years and all the while thoroughly valued his friendship and generous counsel; though fortunately never needed his direct professional attention.  Recently, my company required assistance with a sensitive legal matter and turned to David for his insights and professional services.  From the outset, David was an active listener and objective voice of reason.  He guided us in our matter and was invaluable in his review of the documents.  David uses his broad encyclopedic knowledge, legal mastery and warm personal charm in ways I’ve seldom seen by other legal professionals."
Bruce Zutler
MCI Products Group, Inc.

"I've been privileged to know David Abeshouse for many years and my respect and admiration continue to grow.  David's insights, intelligence, and genuine business acumen are truly coupled with his generosity of time and spirit.  He gives nothing but 100% to every endeavor and is unfailingly scrupulous and attentive to detail.  David is well known and well respected for his legal expertise but perhaps equally important he is well regarded as a leader in his community and a caring and thoughtful friend.  I would highly recommend David to any individual or firm that is looking for the very best professional to represent their legal interests."
Adrian Miller, President, Adrian Miller Sales Training

"Dear David: 
Thank you for speaking to Vanderbilt law students in a talk sponsored by the Cecil D. Branstetter Litigation and Dispute Resolution Program.  I am happy to have had the chance to meet and collaborate with you on this event, which was a huge success.  Our students sincerely enjoyed your presentation and learned a great deal from your insights.  As a token of our appreciation, I will be sending you a framed copy of the event poster by separate cover.  Thanks again."
Tracey E. George 
Professor of Law & Political Science 
Director, Branstetter Litigation & Dispute Resolution Program 
Vanderbilt University Law School, Nashville, TN       11/1/12 

"David is unique in his profession.  Not only did he handle my case with the highest degree of professionalism, but he also managed the many aspects (legal and interpersonal) of the litigation in a timely, calm, and effective manner.  I have enormous respect for David as an attorney and appreciation of him as a responsive -- and caring -- individual as well." 
Lori Kapner, President
Kapner Consulting, Inc.
Scarsdale, NY

"I have litigated against Mr. Abeshouse on both the trial and appellate levels. He demonstrated his skill at being able to serve as a tenacious advocate for his client while at the same time becoming a good friend and colleague. Were I a client looking for a tough attorney who could fight the good fight for me, Id pick David Abeshouse. Were I a client looking for a smart lawyer who could help me settle without a battle, Id pick David Abeshouse.
Michael A. Levy
Levy & Schneps, P.C.

"David was kind enough to agree to be a guest speaker in my recent NYU class, "Starting a Business." From the minute I sent him the request, he began to prepare, ask questions, and check in to see how he could best offer value to the students in the class. It was a truly selfless pursuit.
As a panelist, he listened carefully to his co-speakers, adjusting his responses and input to build on their comments. What he had to share was incredibly relevant and helpful to the students. David used examples and storytelling to create a more tangible grasp of the concepts discussed, and to better engage the listeners. His demeanor showed his confidence, experience and knowledge, while at the same time, making him approachable, and he allowed students to ask questions as if they were having a relaxed conversation among equals.
I hope he will continue to be so generous with his time and expertise, as I hope to invite him to speak again in the future."
Stacy Robin

"A worthy adversary."
John P. McEntee
Partner, Farrell Fritz, P.C.

"David is not only an outstanding attorney, he is a master strategist. He has great tactical patience and thinks along the X, Y and Z axis. He sees and understands the big picture as well as critical detail and nuance. David gets to know his clients very well and instills the necessary discipline essential for a successful outcome. In the course of running my company, all matters of a critical nature are passed by David for his counsel and approval. I would not be without him in the "battlefield" of business today." 
John C. Dugan, P.T., O.C.S., N.C.S., G.C.S.
Managing Partner, Farmingdale Physical Therapy Associates, P.C.

"David Abeshouse is one of those rare people you meet in life who makes complicated things simple. As the CEO of a public company, I always believed that the role of lawyers was to draft smart agreements and then keep their clients out of court. To represent me properly, I wanted my counsel to be business people rather than theoreticians, and David is that and then some. David will keep you out of court if he can and then outsmart the other side if he can't. Hire him before they do." 
Stephen Davies
Chief Executive Officer
The Alternative Board - Nassau

David Abeshouse is a first-rate advisor and a good listener as well.  It is my
experience that he will direct his considerable legal abilities and negotiating
skills toward the objectives discussed and agreed upon.  His work is well
planned and tightly focused leaving his adversary little chance for maneuver
or control.
International Consultant and Business Company (NY-CT)

Dear David,
On March 28, 2007 you presented a CLE seminar in our lecture hall entitled "ADR for Lawyers - What Alternative Dispute Resolution Can Mean for Your Practice" which was received with tremendous enthusiasm. Several of our clients have commented on the value they received from attending the seminar. Also well received were the handouts, lecture content and the opportunity to meet with an industry expert.  
Preparedness defines a successful attorney, especially one involved with dispute resolution. You demonstrated preparedness from the earliest conception of the idea for the seminar, to regular submittals of materials in the course approval process, to the day of the seminar presentation. 
It was a great pleasure to have you speak as part of our "live lecture series" of continuing legal education topics. Though not immediately related to our industry your topic and presentation were so well received we are anxious to have you speak again.
Thomas J. Hanik
Senior Title Consultant/Sales Director
CLE Abstract
Amityville, L.I., NY

"Dave Abeshouse is one of the hardest working people I have ever known. I will no longer confess to him I am going on vacation, because I know his are few and far between. I have also learned that when circumstances warrant, he is always available. Dave is totally dedicated to his practice and to his clients. Not long ago I called upon him for help in settling a delicate employee/employer dispute, and he came to my rescue. Reliable, brilliant and dedicated; Dave Abeshouse did a heroic job." 
Jeffrey H. Roberts, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Radiology
Montefiore Medical Center

"When I was considering entering into a non-disclosure agreement, I
needed legal advice to protect myself. I immediately called David. I’d known him for several years and was always impressed with the way he presented himself: serious, yet with a good sense of humor. As leader of a group I was in, David was always prepared, professional – and fun. He’s the kind of guy that you know you can rely on and trust. My confidence was rewarded when I needed his legal advice. David made himself available and was very responsive. He was professional, thorough and very, very picky – which was to my benefit. I would recommend David to anyone because not only will he do a great job for you, but if he thinks he’s not the right person, he’ll tell you - and he’ll find the right person for you."
Judy Stern, President
Organize NOW

"David is an outstanding professional who displays tremendous insight and creativity as an advocate.  We have worked together on several legal matters and I can attest to David's extraordinary ability to thoroughly analyze the relevant legal issues and provide favorable results for his clients. More importantly, he is a compassionate and giving individual who is an invaluable resource for his clients, colleagues and friends." 
Jeff Silver, JD, CPA

"David Abeshouse is undoubtedly one of the most thoughtful, hard working and thorough people I have ever met. He helped me through some trying legal circumstances and I certainly appreciate everything that he did for me. Not only is his work excellent, but he is also efficient and therefore gets the job done in a reasonable amount of time. I would recommend his services to anyone without reservation.  Two aspects that distinguish David Abeshouse from other lawyers are his empathy for his clients and his level of responsiveness."
Bruce Goldner, M.D.

"I have never met another attorney who is as helpful, attentive, thorough, intelligent and effective as David Abeshouse."
Arnie Herz, Esq.
Author of Legal Sanity

"I’m thankful to count David amongst my most valued and trusted legal colleagues.  David's approach to practicing law can best be described as holistic, emphasizing the functional relationship between the parts and the whole of a legal dilemma.  David's razor sharp mind, coupled with his boundless energy and determination, assure those seeking his counsel that no stone will be left unturned in exploring avenues to the best possible result.  As his loyal following will readily attest, as an "out of the box" thinker, David has few equals."
Jeffrey N. Bernstein, Esq.  
Corporate and transactional counsel to
individuals, small businesses, and entrepreneurs

"My opinion is that David is a great lawyer. No doubt about it. But more than that, he is a good person; a solid citizen whom you can trust to handle your most pressing legal and business problems. He is a salt of the earth practitioner, with no pretense or hyperbole. He is direct, honest, and will tell you, as his client, what you should hear, rather then what you might want to hear about the strengths and weaknesses of your matter. He is a trusted counselor and advisor in the true sense of the word, and dedicates 110% of his effort to reach a practical solution to his clients’ legal and business problems."
David A. Zarett, Esq.
Weiss, Zarett & Hirshfield, P.C.

"David Abeshouse is on my "must" list, he probably should be on yours. Knowledgeable, very smart, and tough as hell!  My vision of David is someone who can handle the gentler aspects of mediation, arbitration, and litigation, but if push comes to shove, and you need a warrior on your side, Id pick David as my Samurai without hesitation.  More?  Call Craig Jennings at 516-944-6454."

"I have known David on a professional basis since 1999 and have had the pleasure of working with him on several business issues since that time. He is easily one of the hardest working attorneys I have ever met and yet still a "student" of his discipline, constantly staying on top of the latest business trends. I would consider David an absolutely necessary member of any businessperson’s inner-circle and highly recommend him without any reservations." 
Mark Gajowski, CFP(r) The Suffolk Group, LLC - Hauppauge, NY 

"In my humble opinion, you are one of the top writers I have met in my 21 years in the legal business." 
Richard A. Solomon, Esq.; L.I., NY   

"Mr. Abeshouse doesn't take a case unless it's the right match of his firm's areas of practice and the client's needs. When I inquired about a corporate matter, he spent a considerable amount of time and effort to understand and address the issues at hand. Then he referred me to the right attorney, who has done an excellent job for my company. I greatly appreciated both his concern and his integrity."
Jonathan B. Quint, President
BatteryCorp, Inc.

"I have known David now for quite some time. His legal prowess and capacity for advocacy are well known. That however, is not his real skill. David is a generous connector, a brilliant facilitator and an expert communicator. He has the rare ability to build bridges where none exist, create foundations where none stand, and bring disparate parties to consensus creating a win-win, double-win, for all. A tireless advocate and calm in the storm; David is the man I would turn to in order to mediate family business dysfunctions revolving around business succession planning and money". 
Steven D. Lichtenstein, CLU, ChFC
Chartered Financial Consultant, Investment Advisor, Agency Compliance Officer

"David Abeshouse is a man of moral integrity, complete dependability and impeccable character. He crosses every "T" and dots every "I," never leaving a question unanswered." 
Yolanda Padula, Executive Director 
New York Virtuosi Chamber Symphony

"You are just a living resource that I can't live without!  Your advice is very timely and is just great."
Ira R. Hecht, P.C. (corporate counsel)

"I have known David Abeshouse since kindergarten. He is an upstanding man, very intelligent, has always been driven, an amazing friend, incredible husband and father, and most importantly he's a man with real "heart". When asking him for help to find my daughter a job for the summer after her freshman year of college, it took just minutes for him to forward an email to 40 colleagues. Not only did David find my daughter a job in a law firm, but I feel he is responsible for setting my daughter in the right direction for her future. If ever I would have a need (or if anyone I care about has a need) for an attorney, David Abeshouse would be the first person I would recommend."  
Helen Mirzoeff Orlando, Vice President
CGC Advertising, Inc.

"I have worked with attorney David Abeshouse for years, both in his professional capacity, and on community activities as well. I can attest to his excellent character, his reliability, and his brilliant and thorough preparation for any work that he takes on. I recommend him enthusiastically, both as an attorney and as a person of total integrity."
Kenneth Klein, Music Director 
New York Virtuosi Chamber Symphony

"I have been priviledged to know David Abeshouse for a number of years in various capacities. He has a brilliant mind and a compassionate soul. David is not just a member of various charitable, civic, and legal organizations: he is a leader. Those of us who know him realize that if you need a friend, advocate, or confidant; David is the person to contact."
Michael L. Pfeifer
Attorney at Law

"I have known David Abeshouse, Esq., for many years and I can say with compete candor that he has always displayed the utmost integrity in all that he does. I had the pleasure of participating with him in a Continuing Legal Education Program recently and he was the most prepared and enthusiastic participant of all. He has wisdom well beyond his years, is thoughtful and thorough in his research of every significant issue. I have complete faith in him and would trust him in expertly handling any matter in which he is involved." 
Sally E. Unger, Esq. 
Kossoff & Unger

"Mr. Abeshouse consistently demonstrates his professionalism, integrity, intelligence, and responsiveness." 
Steven E. Millon, Esq., Past Vice President, New York State Bar Association

"I have had the pleasure of working with David Abeshouse on a number of matters. He combines a deep knowledge of the legal issues affecting his small business clients with a genuine interest in providing high quality legal services in a cost-efficient manner. His training in arbitration and mediation helps him to accurately evaluate the merits of each action and to develop the best strategy---whether in litigation, arbitration, or settlement negotiations---to help his clients reach their goals."
Lisa Solomon
Lisa Solomon, Esq. Legal Research and Writing

"I am proud to be called a friend and client of David's.  I have known David for several years now, and my respect for him grows daily.  Not only does he dispense wise legal counsel, but he helps me fine tune my work through strategic direction.  Even his routine suggestions of new words, phrases, and sentences have saved me thousands."
Billy McDermott, Development Director, NJIT and Founder of TBMG/MPON

"From the first conversation, you immediately realize David is a tangible asset.  He is "On That Wall" for you and will be there long after the resolution of the problem, if you need him.  He is an individual who holds the truth and loyalty in high regard, which puts him in a very small, elite group of professionals today." 
Stewart H. Matos, CPA

"David is one of the rare individuals who truly considers his colleagues as friends while always maintaining the utmost level of professionalism. As a friend, you know you can ask him for legal advice on pressing matters and your situations will be handled with diligence as if you were a multi billion dollar client yet with the love of a true friend. David referred me to a legal specialist when I was in a time of need and he remained involved as a third party to make sure that my situation was handled properly. He has also been an advisor on legal issues pertaining to my organization. As someone whose career is one that involves reaching out to volunteers and philanthropists, David is someone I truly look up to as his devotion to his charitable and volunteer work is stupendous. He fits that in to a seven-day law practice and leadership in numerous professional organizations. If this is how he treats friends and organizations, I can not imagine the level of service that a paying client would receive."
Jill Zucker, Associate Director
Stony Brook University Hillel Foundation

"I've known David the last five years from the proximity of our offices in Uniondale. He is a consummate legal professional, personable and friendly. He is dedicated as a knowledgeable lawyer, caring family man, and trusted friend. When I have needed legal assistance, I have not hesitated to call on David. Should you need a lawyer, you could not do better than David Abeshouse."
JF Purcell, Director of Advertising 
NPTA Alliance

"Dave Abeshouse is to me a "peoples' lawyer" in the best sense of the phrase. He understands that business and conflict are people issues. I have found him to be very patient, conscientious, and comprehensive in his approach to issues. He offers options and respects client time, which is a really wonderful trait."
Aileen Roberta Schlef, President
Creative Alliance Communications 
Creative Strategies for Business and Nonprofits

"I met David initially through the CoF network online and he has been a great help to our business.  I encourage you to connect with David to help keep your business on the right track.  In addition, I am extremely impressed with David's extensive arbitration and mediation experience.  I would recommend David and his firm to any individual, professional, or small to medium-sized company looking to resolve their business disputes." 
Tatsuya Nakagawa, President and CEO, Atomica Creative Group Ltd.

 * * * * * 

David Abeshouse has been selected as Charter Member, New York Academy of Mediators & Arbitrators (NYAMA) and Member, National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals (NADN), 2012 - present. 

David Abeshouse also has been selected as a Fellow of the College of Commercial Arbitrators, a best-practices organization of elite practitioners in the realm of business arbitration nationwide, 2012 - present. 

 * * * * * *

For the third year in a row, David Abeshouse has been listed in Long Island Pulse Magazine’s Top Legal Eagles, this time for 2012 (in the March 2012 issue).  According to the magazine:


Long Island’s Top Legal Eagles 2012
To compile a list of top area lawyers, we invited LexisNexis® Martindale-Hubbell®, the company that has long set the standard for peer review ratings, to share their list of local lawyers who have reached the highest levels of ethical standards and professional excellence.  


2011 Article:


2011 List: -- listed under Alternative Dispute Resolution


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Finalist, Business of the Year, 2004 Awards of Excellence (Law Firm)  
Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce (a/k/a Suffolk-Nassau Chamber of Commerce at Huntington)/Long Island Business News

 * * * * *

David Abeshouse has been awarded an AV® Preeminent™ rat­ing (5.0 out of 5.0) from Martindale-Hubbell, which is the highest rating an attorney can obtain. This rating, determined through a national peer-review process, indi­cates that David Abeshouse has been recognized by other attorneys for possessing the highest levels of skill and integrity.  He has been “AV” rated continuously since 1995.



An AV rating shows that a lawyer has reached the height of professional excellence. He or she has usually practiced law for many years, and is recognized for the highest levels of skill and integrity.

CV, BV, and AV are registered certification marks of Reed Elsevier Properties Inc., used in accordance with the Martindale-Hubbell certification procedures, standards and policies.

Martindale-Hubbell is the facilitator of a peer review process that rates lawyers. Ratings reflect the confidential opinions of members of the Bar and the Judiciary. Martindale-Hubbell Ratings fall into two categories - legal ability and general ethical standards.

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David Abeshouse was selected to New York Metro Area Super Lawyers 2007, 2012, and 2013 for Alternative Dispute Resolution Law. 

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Please note: Past results by any attorney do not guarantee similar outcomes in future matters.  Under the NY Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 7.1(e)(3), the following disclaimer must accompany testimonials: "Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome."  See 22 NYCRR Part 1200.  

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Small Claims --

Some lawsuits are too small in terms of dollar amount to warrant engaging the services of a lawyer.  Legal fees rapidly could consume the monetary amount in controversy.  In these instances, you might want to consider pursuing your claims in "Small Claims Court," which in New York is actually a part of the lower non-criminal jurisdiction courts, such as the Civil Court of the City of New York or the District Courts on Long Island.  A useful resource for you might be the book written by my colleague, Richard A. Solomon, Esq., entitled, "Winning in the New York Small Claims Courts."  Here is an excerpt from the book's website, and the link to the site:

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New York State allows you to sue in small claims court up to $5,000 without an attorney. This book is for both plaintiffs and defendants as a reference to be used at home, in the office, or in Court."  

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